What is PornEmpire?

PornEmpire is a free porn site with thousands of free videos, including Full HD and 4k content of premium studios.

I heard using PornEmpire is illegal. Is that correct?

No, that is not correct. We are totally legal and we delete any content for which we do not have the rights for as soon as we are aware of it. If you still doubt you can read our Terms of Use.

Can I get legal issues when I use your site?

Considering the fact that we are not illegal no you can not get any issues for using our site.
Beside that we are not logging any IP address or your geo location which can be used by authorities for tracking purposes.

How much does it cost to watch your videos?

PornEmpire is completely free and you don’t have to pay for watching our videos.

Someone uploaded a photo, or video of me without my consent, please remove it!

If someone has uploaded a video of you without your knowledge or consent please send us the URL to the video with our contact form and specify that it was uploaded without your consent and that you would like it removed.

Can you find this video “title of the video” which has been deleted?

No, unfortunately we cannot recover videos that have been removed from our website.

I have a great idea for your site, how can I tell you?

We love to hear your creative ideas! Hit up the contact form and share your idea with us!